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Vinegar for a beautiful, soft scrotum


Vinegar for a beautiful, soft scrotum

There are probably some previous posts about using vinegar, but I am just sharing my experience with it.

For the longest time I has some red, thickened, mildly itchy patches on my scrotum which at first I assumed was tinea, however tinea typically doesn’t grow on the scrotum and OTC antifungals did not help. Usually it’s bacteria or candida that grow on the scrotum. I decided to try simple white vinegar (5% acidity). I first coated my sack in vinegar: the areas that were affected turned white and it burned pretty good (as expected) but the burning lasted only a few minutes and the whiteness faded after a few minutes as well. It was nice to see the full extent of the infection, whatever it was. I continued applying the vinegar twice a day and the affected areas shed skin pretty quickly (imagine a peeling sunburn). I scrubeed the dead skin off daily in the shower, leaving fresh (but sensitive) skin. Over 2 weeks the burning when applying the vinegar disappeared, as well as the whitening that initially occured, and my scrotum became soft without the red, itchy patches. Problem solved. I would recommend this to anyone looking to soften their scrotum and to help clear up any chronic, unresponsive infections in the area. But I have a few notes:

1) Avoid getting vinegar near the tip of your penis. It will burn.
2) Vinegar smells, at least the white vinegar I used. I used it before bed and whenever I would have time to wash it away before going out. If you have a wife or girlfriend like me, you’ll have to tell them why you smell like vinegar.
3) Avoid getting vinegar near your anus…it will burn and cause some nice itching later on.
4) Don’t try this if you think you might have an STD…see a doctor.
5) Don’t use on visibly broken skin.
6) If the burning is too intense, try diluting the vinegar in water or using less. I didn’t do this, I just endured the 2 minute burns.
7) Make sure you rub it into the folds of skin well to avoid missing areas.
8) If the burning gets worse, the skin breaks or bleeds, or anything like that, obviously stop using it.
9) Scrubbing the peeling, dry skin off is key!

Hope this helps anyone with a similar problem.


-Did you invent this, or is vinegar known as a treatment for certain types of lesions?

-If so, what types? Do you think you had a bacterial problem?

-It sounds like you treated with vinegar, then washed it off. So, you could do this right before the shower, and not have to leave the vinegar on for it to work?

I have a couple of red, dry spots on penis. One on my head that was caused by too much vacuum from the vacextender cylinder vacuum hole.

The other on the underside which I believe was caused by wifes teeth initially.

They both seem like very minor things, but for some reason won’t heal! I have tried hydrocortizone, neosporin, antifungal creams, but now the most effective thing seems to be chap stick, to keep the skin from getting dry and peeling.

Horny Bastard

Vinegar will kill yeast, not sure about bacteria though. Not sure I would want to use it on cuts as it would more than likely burn like a bitch. Hydrogen peroxide will do the same thing, might make you look like you have a rabid cock though. :)

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Vinegar is known to help with many skin conditions, I didn’t invent this. I should have noted that I did NOT wash it off after I applied it…which is why the vinegar smell was an issue. I’d wash it away when I’d go to work, school, etc. I would leave it on as long as possible, although I don’t know how necessary that is. It’s the acidity that helps inhibit the growth of bacteria, yeast, etc. Also, the acid helps your skin shed faster, which gives organisms less time to set up shop and gives the skin a nice soft texture. It’s like a chemical peel.

I have never applied vinegar to the shaft of my penis, but I would imagine it be bad if you did as long and you keep it away from the urethra. I wouldn’t put it on any wound that will heal on it’s own such as scratches, blisters, or burst capillaries.

Some people can get eczema on their scrotum/penis which can resmble a skin infection but it won’t respond to typical antifungal/antibacterial treatments. The key with eczema is to keep it moist with vaseline, and hydrocortizone can help too. You could try vinegar for a few weeks to see if it helps, but if you think it could be eczema, you could continue using vaseline and hydrocortizone after you apply the vinegar. It could be an atopic eczema from contact with your pump…kinda like a mild allergic reaction to the material the pump is made of. I’m not a dermatologist so I can’t tell you for sure.

Thunder, the acidity of vinegar will kill and/or inhibit the growth of many bacteria. Our skin surface is naturally acidic to help prevent organisms from overgrowing. Acetic acid (aka vinegar) has a pH of around 3.0 I believe. Skin pH is about 4.5-6. I think one of the ways vinegar may work is by slowing the growth of organisms enough for the immune system and the sheding of skin to eliminate them. And yes, pouring acid on an open wound will burn like hell.

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Interesting post. I’ve got some of those itchy patches too, I’ll definitely try this.

Isn’t this what Balls-amic Vinegar is for?

Originally Posted by Cock Kent

Isn’t this what Balls-amic Vinegar is for?


Horny Bastard

I believe that hydrogen peroxide on cuts and such makes scarring worse. I don’t have a valid source but I’m sure there is info on the web.

Also, will this make your scrotum beautiful if you have those pesky bumps that look like you might have ingrown hairs or keratosis pilaris on them? I have keratosis pilaris on my arms and those pesky bumps on my scrotum and I want to know if that would fix the problem.

You also go on to say that you do think it would be bad to use on the shaft as long as you kept the vinegar away from your urethra. What do you mean by that?

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Springer, sorry about the typo I made in my first reply. I meant to say that applying vinegar to your shaft should NOT cause any problems. As far as keratosis pilaris, I don’t see why you couldn’t try using vinegar on it. It may help the skin renew itself faster and maybe reduce the “goosebump” appearance of KP, but you might have to use more to get an effect since the skin is healthy and uninfected. I have some bumps on my scrotum at my hair follicles but that is perfectly normal.

So, the bumps on your scrotum did not disappear?

Springer, they did not disappear.

For cuts and scrapes even deeper wounds it is best to use normal saline. Peroxide is too harsh for deeper wounds. You can get normal saline from most drug stores and medical supply stores.

In the old days when treating decubitus wounds (bedsores) I would use Betadine. It was later discovered that Betadine slow down the healing process by damaging new cell growth. Saline is the new thing going now.

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