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N.B. I tried to post this in the main member forum but couldn’t - don’t know why.

I’ve read here numerous times that the perfect size to please a woman is around
8x6. Most men aren’t this big but the closer the better.

Lots of women say that size isn’t important but generally we (especially us here)
Don’t believe it - what could she enjoy more than being reamed by a huge penis?
We see it all day long in porn and they love it.

Surely the best way to work out what women want is to look at the vibrator market.
They’d have no reason to buy a small sex toy, (unless they were going to use it
With a partner, and didn’t want to make him feel bad). If most women loved 8x6’s
Most dildos/vibrators would be around this size..

But they aren’t. There are loads of sites, but check out for example.
There are a couple of 8s but most aren’t even 7”. They’re almost all between 5 and
6.5”, and they almost all have some kind of fancy addition. The world famous rampant
Rabbit that makes me shudder with insufficiency is only 5 1/2”.

What more evidence could you ask for?

I have often wondered that also - my gf recently bought a vibrator shaped like a penis for when I am gone and it is only 6.6 in long; much shorter than me. I asked her about it and she just said that is what she wanted but at the same time always wants me 100%.

I think a lot of women just use these devices for clitoral stimulation and not deep penetration

For those of you in Seattle, NYC or LA, a trip to Toys In Babeland to shop for girl toys is way fun. The staff is mostly lesbian and very knowledgable. You have to be ready to answer questions like “does she like penetration when she masturbates?”

But it’s weird, or psycho, how most of the dildos look bigger than me when I go in the store, but then I check the measured size and most are apparently smaller. So, if you want to confirm your body dysmorphic disorder, go dildo shopping.

Dildos and Vaginal depth

The reason most dildos are only 6” long is because that is about all any woman can take of a hard rubber non giving length. Human genitals both male and female are pretty amazing when it comes to give and take elasticity. I know for a fact that some women, Mrz. G for example, can have rough bone to bone sex with a man who sports a 9”X7” dick, yet she can only take 6” of a hard rubber dildo. We discussed this subject (in depth) :rolleyes: here last year:

Measuring the depth of a vagina

The conclusion of this thread was pretty much that a dick has a telescoping effect that the dildo does not. The rigidity, hardness in both girth and length (especially length) gives quite a bit during intercourse allowing a long dick passage into nether regions where dildos are not allowed to tread. Even in porn, where we see these bottomless women take enormous lengths, this is mostly an illusion. So when you find that your woman is hiding a SMALL vibrator in her underwear drawer, it is not to make you feel more secure about your size, it is more likely because the smaller vibrator gives her more pleasure. The average, comfortable depth of a vagina is somewhere between 5-1/2 to 6”. Trust me, I’ve measured many.

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Originally Posted by billbasin
Don’t believe it - what could she enjoy more than being reamed by a huge penis?

To be in the arms of a man she cares for maybe…?

Originally Posted by billbasin
We see it all day long in porn and they love it.

:rolling: HA HA HA… C’mon, nobody’s buying this; do you really believe this? These are paid actors who are acting out what they think men want to see. There’s a great female member here at this site who is kind enough to tell time and again that she (as well as other women) prefers smaller guys.

Regarding women wanting a large vibrator: keep in mind that for most people, a masturbation session is usually shorter in time than a lovemaking session. Masturbation is more about getting the job done than enjoying a long, leisurely screw.

The majority of women I’ve discussed this with have told me that when they are masturbating, they usually focus on stimulation of the clitoris because this leads them to the quickest orgasm. To stimulate the clit, you don’t need a big vibrator. And the smaller the vibrator is, the easier it is to hide; thus why most of the women I’ve talked to have smaller vibrators.

As far women who like to have sex with partners and toys, they like a variety of shapes and sizes. Sometimes she just wants to have her pussy stretched around Bam’s dildo and sometimes it’s something smaller. Big, small, curved, straight, smooth, ridged, bumps… the variety is part of the pleasure.

PE for length: so her heart stops when she sees it. PE for girth: to get her heart started again!

One need only leave the surface of the planet to realize we are all one people.

well said GRX

Thanks for the interesting responses

- My comments about being reamed by huge penises and loving the porno cock were kind of supposed to be tongue in cheek.

Honestly though, I think the proliferation of hardcore porn is one of the main reasons that guys are increasingly obsessed with penis size.
It’s something to do with our psyche, not women’s -

I don’t really understand why men (myself included) want to see guys with monster cocks on film.

When women make porn for women they never really go for the circus penises.

When do women make porn for women? Suzi Randal did it back in the eighties, but haven’t seen a Randal production in a while. Even in her films the guys were hung.

2003: 6X5 2010: 7X7

No Nukes


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