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Veterans Poll


Veterans Poll

I would like to know veteran’s opinions..

Does ejaculating while or right after a routine affect progress?

If once in a while, I don’t think so. If customary, may be. At least, it’s true that the pumped look lasts less time.


No para la exhibicíón, ni la contemplación, la quiero grande para la acción.

Ahora 19 x 15 (antes 17 x 12)

Thanks Thunder. I realised that after I posted it. I usually use the search option first (that’s why I don’t post much) but this time I slacked :)

As a veteran, I would have to say that the M107 “Barrett” is one of the finest pieces of equipment ever issued to an American soldier. Anti-personnel to EOD, the M107 is top shelf!

Hope this helps!


Shooting someone in the head with a .50 CAL at 2000 meters is just wrong.

Started 10/1/04 Approaching 7x5, Going for 8x6

Actually, OHL, the longest-ever recorded and confirmed sniper kill was actually made by a Canadian, with a McMillan Tac-50, from a distance of 2,430 metres. Just goes to show that, despite having to deal with 40-year-old equipment, the Canadians are some of the best dammed fighting men on this planet.

I’d like to think old Gunny Hathcock would be proud of Cpl. Furlong. In fact, I’m sure of it.




Originally Posted by ThunderSS

The good ones don’t talk.

Originally Posted by westla90069

Another one to add to my collection:

Some online research shows that in every thread mentioned the thread starter died a few months later while West was “on vacation”, or, “in NY on business”, or, “visiting his sick aunt”.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

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