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Very young PE.

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Originally Posted by ForMeAndMyWife
He’s only 15 !!! You can’t ask him to drop his pants so you can take a picture for the guys at Thunder’s, you’d end up sharing a cell with Michael Jackson !!! And anyhow if this is true, what good’s an 11” x 8” dick in the real world ??

I’m glad somebody made that point. :)

I’m guessing this is a roundabout way to get information on the effects of PE at an early age e.g. wishing to elicit responses such as “No way could that happen and PE should not be tried at such an early age”, or “that’s possible; due to the person’s young age”.

If this is the case the thread failed! Please do not waste people’s time with such rubbish; not least because it treads a fine and unnerving line with regards to the age of this ‘cousin’.

That’s a massive amount of size to add - or to put it another way, that’s about 2/3mm a day for eight months continuous. You can’t even achieve that much muscle growth in that time, let alone non-muscular tissue. Sorry, but I don’t buy this.

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