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Very small when flaccid

Very small when flaccid

I got to know of this site a week back. I have a very small penis when it is flaccid. Just about an inch in size. However the erect length is 4.5 inches and erect girth is 4.5 inch.

I am really looking for gains in the flaccid length. How should I go about.

Well your going to love this bit of Information I am about to drop on your behind: Flaccid will grow first!! And I mean in the first couple of days or so!
So start that newbie routine!

‘Nuff said. The results will speak for themselves.


I have been doing about average of 50 kegels a day for the past 3 weeeks.
On top of this every chance I get (toilet, shower, toilet, bed, wake up etc) I just pull on it
Just like one two three (up) one two three (left) one two three (right)
I do that for about only TWENTY SECONDS - but maybe 5 times a day at different times, just to remind my dick “stop being an idiot”

So far I don’t think I’ve gained ANY flaccid BUT it does seem to be more erect -if that makes sense?

I only have a 4.9” NBP but I am a grower >: ( and it randomly changes size - one day it’s 1.5” flaccid, next day 3 - it’s weird.

ANYHOW, since I’ve been doing those excercises (and they take almost no time) I’ve definately noticed I seem to stay at least 2.5” flaccid all day long.

Try that dude - just little tugs here and there to remind it not to shrink, see if it listens.

My dick hasn’t shrunk once from when I started PE. Meaning it hasn’t “turtled” and gone back “into it’s shell.”

And for some reason before I started PE it was in it’s shell I would say like 40% of the time (so allot). Also your flaccid stays at a consistent measurement, and only really changes on the positive side of the ruler, which to me is A -OK!.


Try using the thera p wrist wrap it helps to increase flaccid size.



I’d say go for a wrap, theraP is a favourite here, myself I’ve used elastic sports bandage. You could add use of a DIY extender (I use LegXtender). That would be my additional advice to the obvious first: The Newbie Routine!

regards, mgus

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I too have a very small penis when flaccid. I have been jelqing and stretching for 2 weeks and already have increased my flaccid size about 100% !! Erect size is a big longer and thicker (my wife even noticed during sex!)

Just go easy at the start and be aware of any warnings issued on this website about injuries, side effects etc!

My flaccid has doubled in volume with the newbie routine. And it only turtles when very cold or when I go to shit-why is that anyway?

Same here.

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Newbie routine jacked my flaccid up just as d_sut describes- plump as hell right from the get-go. It also no longer turtles AT ALL- maybe just a little with really cold water but in it’s pulled back state is still bigger than it used to be. I’ve gotten at least 3/8 to 5/8ths of an inch in flaccid gains in three weeks. Girth is way fatter too. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve actually smiled after checking my dick out in the mirror this month- something that rarely, if ever, happened before. Also make sure you keep your pubes trimmed up. Nothing buzz kills a small flaccid hang like a big old man bush to hide the poor thing in. Welcome aboard! Go easy at first though- even with light work you’re going to see a change.

Thanks for all the advice. Really appreciate it. One more question. Will the gains last?

What causes a bad flaccid before taking a crap?

Since i’ve been doing PE newbie routine my penis is always 4-5” flaccid. Only if my penis is very cold do I go below 4” now.

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