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Very Quick Newbie Gains

Very Quick Newbie Gains

I started P.E. A while ago and stopped because I couldn’t find the motivation to really do it anymore. But when I was doing them my dick grew FAST, in like a 2 week period of mostly hardcore jelqs at about 70-80% I bet I grew close to an inch and my girth was a helluva alot better along with my E.Q. I used baby oil as lube and it worked really good with my intense workout ( I completely skipped the newbie routine except for the stretch and warmups but I added more stretches right away) I’d say my workout was a good 10-15 of intense jelqs and like I said about 5 min stretches before that.

My dick never hurt and I don’t think it really needs conditioning, maybe just start doing a few light jelqs for a few days then move to harder stuff, not that 3-6 months that is always discussed on the boards. Maybe I have a super dick? Lol, idk for sure or it could be my age, but all I know is that when I get back on board with this stuff I’m glad I found it.

7.000 Bpel 5.5 Eg

Goals: 8.500 Bpel 6.5 Eg

Hey man, when I first got into PE I didn’t take it easy either and I made amazing gains, seems like now years later I have to be more careful at the intensity and work my way up, everyone is different. Anyway I would imagine having a “super dick” would be a bad thing because it would be harder to stretch lol.

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

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