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VERY new , with a already

VERY new , with a already

Hey guys,, new to ALL of this, but very interested,,so,here’s my 1st question,,I have decent length,7 1/4” , ok girth(but would LOVE more) and the one thing I have ALWAYS hated, is my damn “curve” !! It has posed a painful problem in the past for different woman, and now for the woman I’m with,,,certain positions, no good,, and that SUCKS,, so that brings me to Thunder’s Place

I am hoping that jelqing against my curve(downward), will take some or most of it out,,just for myself, I would like that,,so, what do you guys think,,is there any hope for me ?

There’s hope for all of us. You’re starting out with great length. Do some reading and learn to use the

:search: function. You should find a lot of information about guys with curves, guys who hate them, guys who love them (me) and what they are doing about it. Whatever you do, make sure you’re familiar with the Newbie Routine and stick to that for a few months, and be patient. Good luck!

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I think you will find some good info from other guys on here who have been able to diminish the amount of curve they have. Is yours up, down, left/right? I personally have an upward curve to mine. I don’t mind it except that it takes .5” away from the length. I look at it and think “man, if I could straighten that out on top of any gains I would be .5” ahead of the game.” Good luck man.

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Commas = bad, got it I will have to do some more reading thanks for the replies


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