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Very New To This

Very New To This

I just wanted to say hi and see if I can get some pointers and maybe learn the lingo I read in the other post it’s sorta confuseing please help me out and thank if you do take the time to help me out

It’s confusing for everyone at first, there’s a lot of reading but you’ll pick it up fast enough, it’s just quite daunting at the start.
The best way to learn it is to just start practicing.

See here: Newbie Routine

Why is it my

Dick doesnt hang like everyones elses idk but I feel inadequate

What’s up burdenonme?

I don’t understand your question, try explaining yourself better.

In addition, please try and write your messages in correct English grammar, please :) .

PE isn't a chore. PE is a lifestyle.

If you feel down sometimes, come live inside my mind. I promise you'll enjoy the experience.

Sorry about that english is my second language so I’m a little bad at it so bear with me. My penis doesnt hang like I have seen others how can I get the hanging length longer please assist me.


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