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Very new, help appreciated

Very new, help appreciated

Hey guys! So I literally just joined the site today but have been kind of perusing through PE stuff for a few months now. Just a couple questions. When you measure BPEL, is it from the top or side of the penis? And as far as I can tell, JELQing seems to be a beginner program of sorts, is that true? I also recently purchased a Bathmate Hercules. I read a ton of reviews about it and it seems to be the real deal. Any suggestions as far as what to do so supplement it? Thanks in advance for any and all advice.

As for measuring: in my opinion the place to put on ruler depends on the person. The clue is to just be consistent in that type/method of measuring for example if You measure on the top just keep doing it this way and You will be able to monitor Your gains.
Jelqing can be done by beginners as good as by vets, it’s a kind of an ultimate PE exercise for all PE-ers. I wouldn’t recommend any sort of pumps/ADSs/etc. For newbies, but on the other hand if You will use it wisely and get good results, maybe that’s the way for You..
As for supples: take some mineral-vitamin supplementation for overall health. Also, keep Your lifestyle healthy- You won’t regret running, eating vegetables, chicken meat etc. If You are interested in increasing shooting volume search for a “Holy Grail of Cum.” thread. Some of PE-ers got improved EQ and even gains(combined with good routine) from arginine. You’ve got to learn a lot about the physiology, anatomy and PE but on this forum You will get it all.
Keep on train and gain!

P.S. As for routine I recommend Linear Routine; You can learn if You are “less is more” (or not) condition yourself to PE and get some gains.

Standard measuring is always done along the top, with the penis parallel to the ground. It makes for best consistency of results. Jelqing should be the cornerstone of everyone’s routines in many vets oponions. It certainly is in mine. I prefer a standard ‘air’ cylinder for pumping to anything else, but I wouldn’t bother with pumping until you have done the Linear Newbie Routine for 2-3 months at least.
Everything you need to get started is here: Important Newbie Threads/Info

This is a great site. Welcome to it. Read loads and learn about anatomy as Tidio suggests, and you will get the best out of your PE!

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Cool! Thanks for the help guys. I’ll start some of the beginner stuff and just keep the pump put away for now and keep you guys updated with results.

Cool name and welcome to the forums. Sporran has given you the single most important thread/link in the entire forums. Much of the best PE advice sounds like cliches but is truth none the less. It is a marathon not a sprint, don’t break your penis, etc..

Running a Massive Co-Front.

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