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Very narrow turtle neck

Very narrow turtle neck


I have one of those foreskins that does not pull back easily over the glans. So whether I’m erect or not it stays neatly wrapped over the glans. With great difficulty and pain it can be pulled back, but its like a very narrow turtle neck and looks like its strangling the glans. It also naturally pulls back during rough sex, but regardless of how it is pulled back, Its very painful when it does come back over. The opening at the end is extremely narrow and tight. Are there any other men out there with this problem. I think I’ve neglected it long enough. Also will this affect either length or girth gains and if not how do I ensure that the turtleneck stretches to accommodate the gains as well as ease the pain of stretching it over.


If it hurts you to a greater degree when you pull the foreskin back, it could very likely mean it’s too tight. I don’t know anything about stretching it, but it’s either a longer process of stretching the skin or having it removed. I strongly suggest you consult your doctor with this problem. I have a cousin who had his foreskin removed as a child because it was too tight.

A mild case of phimosis is pretty simple to fix (and shouldn’t take too long). I had the same problem when I started PE. Get into a habit of pulling back your foreskin whenever you get a chance to, and it should be stretched out in a matter of a few months. Start out by doing it flaccid and once that doesn’t produce any feeling of a stretch anymore, move onto doing it erect. Just pull it far enough back that you feel a slight burning sensation - no pain - you don’t need to uncover your glans completely. Once you can pull it completely behind the coronal ridge while erect with only some discomfort - you be the judge of this, again, stay away from pain - it should only be a few weeks before it’s completely comfortable.

That was my experience, anyway. All I did was retract it whenever I went to take a leak and whenever I masturbated.

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