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very lost newbie... need help

very lost newbie... need help

hey whats up guys.
im brand new here. i dont have many questions except where to begin. i read all the material, and even the newbie routine. as a matter of fact im going to go try it. the thing that i need information about is where do i go from there? i do the wrap, streches and exercesis, then what? if you guys could help me i would be very appreciative.

p.s- im 18 and i got this girlfriend and were in love. and im afraid that i might be too small to rock her world. (EL 5.5)

thanks a lot.

First step. Read the Forum Guidelines. We capitalize all sentences here because it makes them easier for native English speakers to read them and non-native speakers as well. There are folks here from many nations.


Second, adopt one of the newbie routines and give it a try. See where it gets you, being patient of course and not expecting over-night changes. If that works for you, you know what do to next: Keep doing that. If it stops working, then you change to another routine.

Trust me. A 5.5 inch cock can offer just as much pleasure to a woman as a 7 inch one. You can please her best by asking her what pleases her best. Talk together about sex; you are doing it together, after all, why not talk about what you are doing. When you do that, who knows? She might learn some things by talking with you that will send you over the moon.

Good luck and welcome to Thunders.



Originally Posted by cantgrow71321
i do the wrap, streches and exercesis, then what? if you guys could help me i would be very appreciative.

Do the same thing over again in a day.

As to your girlfriend I would like add one more thing to what avocet said - don’t ever discuss penile size with your girlfriend, be confident. Most girls care about penis size less than you think and even less if you don’t remind them about it.

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