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Very little gains after 18 months


Thanks for all the input so far. I think I will gradually increase the duration to about 1h for 5 days a week (similar to what lil_fella will do). Hopefully this, combined with more heating, will give me some further gains

Best of luck, deepwater. I think that firegoat’s advice in general is very sound and helpful so I too will be adding heat to my regimen. I’ve done a pretty sorry job of it in the past by assuming that just a hot shower is adequate. A good 5 minute heat wrap seems to really loosen things up nicely and should help reduce injury risk while optimizing gains. Also, I’ve been less than focused when jelqing such that I’m certain that I may have been just going through the motions rather than getting the full benefit that I could have. I hope to report back by the end of the year with better stats. And I hope you will be able to do the same. Good luck!

Bumping this thread up since I am one of those rare guys getting very little results.

I’d love to know from you two guys if you got any improvement afterwards, or not, and what did you do and what not.


I’m in a similiar situation gained very little. I order one of these for $99… vxbRoCHL7w_wcB. Gonna try to add more heat and use constantly through my routines as I’ve heard others report thats what really helped with their gains. Good luck you are not alone just don’t give up is my motto!

Start 6.75X4.9

Now 7.5X5.1

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