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Very elastic flaccid

Very elastic flaccid

Hey guys,

My flaccid hang has seen good consistent improvement throughout my first 5 weeks of PE.

So a few nights ago before bed I decided to do a quick 30 second stretch. As I gradually increased the stretch I noticed right away that my unit was super elastic, more so than I have ever seen it before. It felt extremely soft and doughy as I stretched and it must have stretched a good 1”-1.5” more than usual.

As I understand it flaccid gains and elasticity is a good indicator than erect gains will soon follow. I hope this to be true in my case even though I haven’t seen much gain in EL yet.

I just wanted to share this somewhat surprising, and apparently positive, experience with everyone and see what thoughts some of thunders more experienced members might have about this.

Good luck to everyone and stay safe.

It sounds like ‘less elastic but more deformable’? You got a BPFSL increase, a BPEL increase should follow as your EQ increases, that’s how it works in most of cases, so it is a very good sign.

1-1”.5 more than usual, well, that you have just guessed with your eyes? A sudden such large increase is kinda extraordinary.

Yeah, it was just by sight. Chances are I am overestimating, I was just blown away by the difference. I’ll be sure to measure next time.

Could you elaborate a bit on elasticity vs deformation? I’ll try and read up on this as well.

You said that your penis felt ‘extremely doughy’, so that it could be stretched more than usual, so this means your penis could deforms more.

An elastic body is
“a solid body for which the additional deformation produced by an increment of stress completely disappears when the increment is removed. Also known as elastic solid.”

A doughy is not elastic, that’s my understanding. Hope there isn’t some misunderstanding due to the language.

And it is just a minute point anyway. :)

Yeah there is a misunderstanding. Elasticity and doughy are the same when talking about penis. :)


Oh, my bad.

It’s a bit strange that I haven’t seen that state of my flaccid come back yet. I mean, it feels a bit more pliable overall but nothing like that one evening. Maybe it had something to do with being under the comforter for a while and warming things up, maybe it was just a very healthy day for my fella. I’m really not sure. Now every time before I go to bed I give it a tug and look out for stretch armstrong to return haha. Thanks for the quick replies btw.

It might be the one time you were able to relax all your muscles and ligs to achieve that stretch. For example when I smoke weed I get great smooth muscle relaxation which give me a better stretch, but when sober I sometimes tense up subconciously even though I’m so used to it it doesn’t feel tensed at all. I don’t know if you’ll get what I’m saying with this but it’s like when you urinate while sitting on the toilet and you think it’s all out, then you relax your muscles over a few minutes and a second fully emptying stream comes out, and then you REALLY feel like it’s all out although if you had just gotten up the first time you never would have gave it a second thought.

Yeah, I can see what your saying pat. I was pretty relaxed, just watching tv for a while before turning it off to go to bed. It could have something to do with it but for now it just seems like an anomaly. Until it happens again I don’t have a verifiable way to explain it, though it doesn’t appear to be anything out of the ordinary for someone practicing proper PE, I’ll be sure to post when it does though.

If smooth muscle relaxes, your FSL will tend to be lower. If you ever happened to have smoked weed right after a PE session, you should have noticed a fatter but not longer (if anything, shorter) schlong.

Strum, it could be not that noticeable as you thought increase, but even if it was half of what you believed, than your penis has to be longer and before or after you’ll see this in your EL. Don’t make an ill of that, overthinking is a not good habit in PE.

You are right marinera and thank you for the reminder. Since this is my first real go at PE I would not disagree that for the past month or two I have probably been over thinking things a little. Though I’m sure this is fairly common I do try and keep things in perspective and just take it a day at a time, there is just so much to learn and pay attention to to ensure optimal safety and results. Also, I am happy to report that my BPEL has indeed increased by .15 inch, not bad for 5 weeks. I would be happy with a .5 inch gain at the end of 3 months, hopefully a bit of additional girth will come along with it.

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