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Very Discouraging

Very Discouraging

Back round: I had an injury about a month and a half ago. I was jelqing and at the end of my routine I need a couple of hard Ulis. The last one was a bit to hard and I felt a sharp pain going up my shaft to my glans. Now there was pain initially but basically soreness for a while. I stopped PEing for a month and couple of days. Soreness was pretty much gone and I started stretching again, with no jelqing. Everything was going fine.

3 days ago I did my first jelq session after a while. It was very short and I felt fine. I took a one day break for the jelq and still stretched. Yesterday I jelqed again and am very sore today. I do not know if my injury is not fully healed or if I can just not remember being sore like this. To locate the soreness I would say it is the big vein or whatever it is on the bottom side of the penis. The corpreious sponge thing if I am correct and under the glans is where I am sore. I would not call this soreness pain but it feels like a nagging soreness. Am I rushing back into things or am I just being a little paranoid?

Thanks for any advice that will come my way.

1 month is a lot of time . Feeling sore doesn’t mean you are injured. That probabliy means you are tired and unconditioned.

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Maybe both, leaning more toward the uncertainty of things. Some soreness is to be expected, but it should never be pain. You don’t say at what erection level you jelq at, somewhere between 50 and 70% is normal (guys, correct me if I’m wrong please). Your grip may be to tight, there are numerous things that can cause soreness.

A month is a good break, and you probably need to recondition your penis to the exercises again. I would suggest continuing stretches and ease back into jelqing, and by all means, ask questions (after doing a search if possible) to get your answers.

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I would say I jelq at about 60 percent to feel a good pump. I was trying to go lite but I guess I might have went to hard? It is sore on the bottom on that big vein thing. I use a U grip, palms up. Hmmm, any other stuff I can input?

Never do Ulis when you are unconditioned. Try to jelq at 20-40%, it hits length more (don’t think you mind ;) ) and it gives less pressure to the glans. If you still feel pain, rest is the only option.

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