Take a look at pumping. It seems that everyone that’s put some effort into it gains a bit. You just have to be careful, and safe, ofcourse.

Also, when you’re having sex with a woman take advantage of your girth to hit certain spots. Contort her body and yours to hit locations that a tighter fit would disallow. One of the things I really like to do in missionary is push a girl’s legs back so her legs are spread in a V, and together they’re making a 10-45 degree angle with her upper body. They love this.

Also, use your fingers. I’m not super thick, so it’s not my place to say, but I’ve given women dozens of orgasms in a row. Took a girl to the beach the other day and gave her an orgasm that she rode for well over a minute with just my hands.

Having always had girlfriends that have had larger boyfriends, I totally understand the feeling that growth is necessary, but there are other ways to satisfy women that we, as men, often ignore. On top of that, women aren’t that one dimensional, or even simple in regards to that dimension.

Starting: EL: 7' EG:4.9'

Goal: EL: 8' EG 6'

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