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very depressed and confused

very depressed and confused

Wow I am really down. I just have no idea where to start with stretching. Which stretches and how long to start with and where to progress with? The videos are very clear on how to do the stretches, but I just dont know which ones I should try. I have a low lot.

Hey chup, I have a low lot too. I’ve just been doing the ones that we’re recommended for newbies, up, down, left, right, circular. I don’t know if I doing the best ones for me and my lot, just doing the basic ones to get started. I’ve also just started V-stretches and like those very much.

You are making this too complicated. Just start with any of the stretches and try them all. Pick the ones that feel the best. Believe me, whatever you start out with, will be replaced by other exrecises as you go. I have been at this for a long time and my routine is always changing. Nothing about this is cast in stone.

Do the search. There are lots of info on stretches out there.

Lol,Thunder’s does have a rather overwhelming amount of PE data, aye?

Like gprent wrote, just start. The important thing at first is learning the basic techniques and conditining your unit.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

So why are you “very depressed”?

Cause you don’t know how to stretch your penis?

I must of missed something…

Hi Chup,

why are you depressed?

Because not knowing where to start, because of your low LOT?

Maybe you’re confused a little mixed up, but… “depressed”? That’s a strong word.

About the stretches you’ll find a lot of help and information around here. Begin with the basics (Tutorials), Up, Down, Circular, Right and Left.

By the way, don’t feel depressed, feel anxious, enthusiastic because your about start a very addictive adventure which will give you a bigger dick.

Take care,


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