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Venous leak or not

Venous leak or not

I can’t hold an erection without direct stimulation. I often have morning wood but the penis head is deflated also I can get partly erect when I’m visually or mentally stimulated.

I had some injury to my penis base underside and from that I’m experiencing problems in the pelvic muscles, Bulbospongiosum muscle maybe dysfunction to those muscles?? It’s often very tense/spasm and painful.

Also I sometimes have hard flaccid and soft glans often.

Enlarged penis veins even when flaccid

Nerves twitching in pelvic area.

I don’t know if it’s venous leak, there was time when I was able to hold it without physical stimulation.

I think there is problem in the pelvic muscles

What do you think??


Go see a urologist. None of us can evaluate you online. If he doesn’t find anything, ask to be referred to a pelvic floor specialist.

If you can maintain an erection with stimulation, chances are good you do not have a venous leak. Keep yourself stimulated and Save the cost of a doc appointment.

When you can’t maintain an erection under any circumstances, have a urologist perform a Doppler ultrasound.

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