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Velcro strap little bumps under skin wtf

Velcro strap little bumps under skin wtf

I started using the velcro three days ago after the newbie routine now iam getting little bubbles under the skin near the base iam guessing this might be fluid build up is this normal or should I take a break?

This is a little vague, bumps on the penis could be many things.

Most people would recommend getting it checked out, honestly it never hurts.

It is most likely nothing take a deacon brake from the Velcro, and if it persists I bet it’s ingrown hairs (common and harmless).

I very much doubt it’s fluid buildup.

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Like a velcro strap attached to your leg?

How long do the bubbles last and are they under your velcro strap? Your strap shouldn’t be too close to your base if you want to avoid skin stretching vs actual length gains.

If the “bubbles” go away after an hour or two, it could be lymphatic fluid and means you should lay off on the tension a bit. If they last longer then you should take a break and let it heal.

How is the Velcro being used?

I was trying something something I read in one of these articles about. Wrapping up the base after jelqing for flaccid increase I tried a few different things in the last cpl of days to see what felt better. I pick up a cockring which didnt seem to do the job maybe it was too big for me, I bought a lasso which was alot of pressure and bent my dick at the base a little so after about 10 minutes with that I threw that out, then I picked up velcro wrist wrap that was about two inchs wide and wrap that around the base that seemed pretty comfortable and I was able to keep my dick pumped up for awhile it felt good. I had it on for about a hour checking my dick every 10, 15 minutes making sure everything look cool. Kept a dark red so I figured everything was all good. After taking it off I played with it a little like I always do impressed by the swollen look and I noticed it was kind of lumpy by the base. It was like a tiny beads under my skin that moved around wen I touch them like they was floating around. I know some weird shit right and they was all connected to like a ligament or something going up about a inch from my base up my shaft right next to the dorsal vein. I don’t know if was a ligament or something I pullrd out from stretching but it felt like a metal pin about a inch lonch. Anybody have any ideas.

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