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I have been PEing for about 2 weeks and it seems like I have made some girth gains, but I have a few questions. 1) is it normal in the beginning of PEing to have some doughnut effect on and off for a couple of days?, 2) is it normal for your veins to become more visible and pronounced?, and 3) when using a penis ring, is it normal to experience some slight soreness in areas which the ring made contact with the penis? Thanks guys. I’m very new at this and some of these things I am experiencing are beginning to frighten me so any feedback is welcome.

Also, should I cease PEing until the doughnut effect or any of the other symptoms subside or should I continue to PE without regard to the symptoms as my penis will eventually get used to it?

It’s completely normal for your veins to become more visible and pronounced.

Some people get the doughnut effect, some don’t. I get it after 10 minutes of jelqing, but I stop after 10 minutes anyway. Maybe someone else can chime in and give you an answer as to whether or not you should work through it.

i would suggest that you should not work through the doughnut effect. it could be dangerous because repititive stress on an area of a body with clogged/bundled capillaries can cause angiogenesis. this in turn can lead to cancerous growth (in extreme cases but very possible nonetheless).

and don’t take my word for it, research some more. for now just play it safe.

I also get the doughnut effect after squeezing or ULIs. I think it’s due to a concentration of lymphatic fluid just below the glans. Whenever I get it, I just pull my foreskin over it until it covers the doughnut entirely. Leave your dick like this and the doughnut is gone after about 3 hours. You shouldn’t try to work through it, in my case that only leads to more fluid buildup.

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