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Hello people,

I have been on the road for a month and have seen some small length gains. I am stoked on this and weirdly looking forward to the journey ahead (I am starting to enjoy PE).

I have a couple of questions though, I have and have always had a large vein running up the shaft of my piece, PE has made this noticeable now when flaccid and definitely more prominent when erect. I don’t have an issue with this, it’s just that I get some pain (not very much) when jelqing over the end of it towards my glands (at this end it has like a hairpin bend in it then heads back in to the penis) is the pain I’m feeling the blood getting squeezed around the corner? As long as I don’t put to much pressure on this I feel as it will be fine, has anyone got any experience with this?

Was also wondering about LOT theory as well, I understand some or all of this has been debunked? I have a low LOT so have been trying to stretch upwards, would it be beneficial for me to jelq upwards? I am focused on length at present and I have read the train of thought goes jelq downwards for length? Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.


Hi tmrwsanotherday, and welcome. You should not be doing anything that causes you pain, so you should ease up a little on whatever you are doing. Lots of your other questions could be answered if you learned how to use the advance search function: How to use the Search button for best results

Oh, I can’t find it now but I know you are not supposed to bump threads at this forum.

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