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Hi, I’m new here and I have been jelqing almost a month. I have also been doing workouts with my pc-muscle.

I’ve already got bigger and I like the results.

But I have one question. Two of my veins is bigger now and seems to be a bit “loose”. They move around a bit when I’m jelqing. They are not hard and there is no pain.

How much can they grow and is it dangerous?

Hi beginner.....

It just sounds like your penis is becoming more vascular what with the extra work it is now doing. So as more blood is being moved around in it the veins need to be bigger to accomodate this. The fact that they move around is of no significance - mine do this also this is because they are just under the skin and not attached to anything.

I wouldn’t think this would be dangerous - just watch out if the veins become firmer or even hard and painful - erect or flaccid. This is an indication of a thrombosed vein, but take it easy and this should not happen.

I speak from experience on this one as i am going to restart pe on sunday after an enforced couple of weeks off waiting for a thrombosed vein to heal. Very frustrating.

Have a read of the thread entitled “hard vein…” (in the main members section) to see if it sounds similar - although it doesn’t sound like you have a thrombosis.

See Ya,



Ok, thanks for your answer. I have just started doing ulis. They seem to be pretty good!

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