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Veins have started appearing after quitting from injury

Veins have started appearing after quitting from injury

About three weeks ago I started feeling pain on the lower left side of my penis, I immediately stopped but continued sex and masturbation. About a week ago what I thought was a thrombosed vein appeared on the shaft of my penis. This has gradually gotten worse as if it is spreading along my veins and now my penis is covered in bulging veins (these are mostly painless apart from those close to the head). I am 21 so I doubt this is natural, I have been to my doctor but he has no idea what it might be.

I wasn’t sure where to post this but can someone please help me?

If you have caused an injury, then you should stop everything as you will be irritating whatever has happened. Do you still have the pain?

If they are not causing pain, and you are able to get erections then your best plan is to give up anything which might irritate the injury. It may just be increased blood flow to your penis. If your Doctor felt around and can’t find anything, then your best course is to give it complete rest for a couple of weeks at least.

Just as an example I have over the last couple of weeks changed my workout by doing 100 reps on the pushup machine. Now the veins are standing out on my lower arms and hands all the time. Simply becasue they are being fed more bood than before, and the arms are getting thicker.

So give it some time to recover.

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Ok ill stop everything, and yes I still sometimes get pain in the head that lasts for about a minute

I love the veiny look as I know women like it

More veins aren’t a sign of injury per se; they could be a good sign, actually.

Originally Posted by marinera

More veins aren’t a sign of injury per se; they could be a good sign, actually.

Or also that the veins have lost their elasticity. But if you don’t feel them uncomfortable, it’s most of the times a good sign!

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I noticed this morn my dorsal vein that is doesn’t ache nor is hard to touch.. Yesterday evening I made a mild jelquing session and this morn I woke up with a good morning wood.imo it is a good PI.what do you think dudes?? Is a bulging dorsal vein considered a good PI if it’s not a thrombosis?

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Bulging vein and good morning wood?

Good sign!

I overdid my PE workout last week and suffered a big hit with my EQ as well as some mild throbbing pain near the center of my penis right behind the glans… probably from grabbing and pulling too hard while stretching. I haven’t touched it since last weekend other than wrapping my warm rice sock around it yesterday evening… I’ve actually noticed a better flaccid hang the past couple of days and my morning wood is beginning to return… You should definitely keep your hands off and maybe the increase in vein activity will be beneficial! After an entire week of rest, I’m sure any gains I may have achieved will be temporary, so that goes to show the importance of “less is more” and following the newbie routine carefully!!

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Bigger vien structure is usually a sign of good PE habits, unless there is pain of course, in which case adjust your approach accordingly.

One of the first things I noticed when I began PE was that my viens seemed more pronounced when I was hard and realised, like when I lifted weights, that this was a good thing because the bodily systems were responding positively to stimulus.

The issue of pain is different, and should be seen a warning to rest for a while.

See the post on negative PE indicators.

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