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Veins are coming out of the woodwork...


Veins are coming out of the woodwork...

I have so many new veins I cant believe it….Does this mean im on the right track of PE?

Is this something common with PE? I can tell my dick is changing…..

(I refuse to measure tell I hit 6 months of PE)

Sounds right to me. I have all kinds of prominent vein that were just “threads” before pe. Keep doing what you are doing.

You are improving the blood delivery potential of your penile vascular system. You’ll be glad for that later on in your life when vascular-ED will be less a threat to you.



Same things happening to me (veins becoming larger& more prominent). Unfortunately I’m not at the stage where they stick out so much with a normal erection, but after jelqing they do. They also are very noticeable when flaccid now. I much prefer the “masculine” (in my view) look with the veins! :D

My dorsal vein has also become more mobile now, wiggling around when I jelq. I quite like being able to move it into different positions depending on how I feel! :p

Actually, although my veins aren’t as prominent with a normal erection, my penile arteries are; at least I think they’re arteries - they have no color so seem deeper in my penis, but still cause my penis to have ridges going around it. I actually noticed it felt similar to a ribbed condom when masturbating today (although with bigger ribs). Unfortunately there are about 4 on one side and 1 on the other, so its a bit uneven! I think thats another thing caused by meusing only my right hand to masturbate with while younger. I definitely hope PE helps fix that along with my slight curve and less veins on that same side.

There’s one vein in particular that I want to make grow. I never knew I had it before about 4 or 5 months into PE. Its a vein going along the length of my penis up to the circumcision scar, but going from the centre at the base to the left side at the scar. I’ve been watching it grow slowly, but I think its deeper than the others. I also have one appearing onthe other side too I think. Man I love my dick veins! :bigwink:

But new veins definitely mean you’re on the right track; like body builders get new/more prominent veins to feed the extra muscle.

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Ideal: ASAP: 8+" BPEL x 5.5+" EG & 6.5+" head But will continue if the going is good!!

PE is great not only because of bigger erections, but also for the flaccid gains and the increased vascular flow.

To me the Vinny look that has appeared makes my dick look more masculine.

Edit: Vinny = veiny

I thought maybe you had named it. ;)

I’ve known some females who liked the veiny look, too.

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Veins creates friction, what more is to be said?

How do you know the difference between an enlarged vein and a thrombosed vein?

Veins that stand out are an added stimuli for women. Just look at all the various dildos one can buy these days. Most of them have those very visual veins…

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Veins becoming larger& more prominent after I doing PE especially by Jelq.

I have more veins under my penis head.

Anyone notice larger veins that circle your penis, almost like “speedbumps”??

delectric, you’ll know. If you feel like you have a shoelace under your skin, thrombosed vein. Otherwise, you just have a veiny dick!


Originally Posted by beenthere
Edit: Vinny = veiny

A happy accident. :) I think we should now refer to gaining a veiny dick as ‘Getting a Vinny’.

BTW Beenthere, who is the cutie in your new avatar?

I concur with the “vein-gain”. I never had any veins til I started Peing a month ago! Now Ive got a nice fat one twirling around the left side of my cock! Its great stuff man.

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