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veins and arteries

veins and arteries

I saw a diagram of the penis’s viens and arteries, and noticed something.

There is only one artery in your penis, and it goes along the top of the shaft, and branches out to the other parts. That means the only way blood gets into your penis is through that main artery.

There are 2 veins, along the sides of the artery, which blood travels back out.

My question is if you somehow managed to block those 2 viens, and kept the artery open, and forced blood to come into the penis, but not leave, would that make it bigger.

I know that if you did that, It would actually harm your penis, since only so much blood would be in there, and the unoxegynated blood would be unable to leave.

But if while erect, you just held your 2 fingers onto the veins, that would allow some bloodflow out, but more in.

I tried it yesterday to find that my penis has never looked more erect, but got really red. I don’t wanna screw up my penis, so mabye someone here already thought of that? can anyone help?

Search for clamping, you will probably find everything you need to know about when it can be useful, what are the requirements to avoid damage, risks, etc.

Here are some images available in the Forums. There are more than one artery and several veins.

In some diagrams a = artery and v = vein.


I forget. I thought veins take blood to the heart, and arteries take it from the heart to the organs. Either way, would it be possible to prevent blood flow from the penis, and force blood into it to help it expand?

Yes, that’s the premise behind the Uli thing and cable clamping. Search for those terms, as Unicorn said, and you’ll find lots of information.

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