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Hi All—new to the forum and to PE. My understanding is that PE almost universally increases vein prominence. My dick is already pretty veiny, so I was wondering if any techniques/creams/oils exist that reduce vein appearance either in conjunction with PE or independent of it. Any tips or links to useful threads would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi SteveSteverson,

Welcome to Thunders, I can’t think of anything that would reduce vein appearance in healthy veins, most guys are happier with more, larger veins, but good luck with your search anyway.

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The vein issue is one that many guys like to hear. I myself have experienced this increased in vascularity from Jelqing. While it is a cool side effect, I have my doubts as to what causes it. Many guys here tout that it is due to increased penile health, bloodflow, erection quality, etc etc. Personally, I fear what I’ve heard from several different urologists - that it is the result of damage done to the valves in the veins of the penis. When these valves are damaged, they constantly remain open, allowing blood to constantly move through these smaller veins and capillaries, thus making them more visible and prominent all the time. The reason this is important is that these valves are one of several mechanisms that keep your penis hard during an erection (another being the swelling of the CS and CC’s which in turn pinch off some of your larger main veins).

The truth is, no one really KNOWS what all this PE is doing to our dicks. Well, the guys who have gained and now have a bigger penis and better sex lives know, but then again, for every one of them there’s a guy who got a hard flaccid out of it and maybe some ED too. Hell, there’s a whole forum dedicated to guys who got hard flaccids from PE, improper or not.

The point here is to be careful, be skeptical, and do your research. A lot of people will tout this as science, but it’s not. It’s still a pseudo science, unfortunately. We’re still in the Alchemy phase, and have yet to evolve onto Chemistry. No one knows if Jelqing produces true penile cell growth/multiplication, or just excess swelling due to consistent irritations (what the urologists say). So be careful, and mind your PI’s and READ UP as much as you can! Take things slow and steady.

I personally don’t like the added veinyness from Jelqing, because the new veins that appeared on my dick are ugly, a deep maroonish red and very small/thin…doesn’t look very healthy, looks like something’s wrong lol…(luckily everything still functions well enough though).

**Note that the above statement was mainly pertaining to the Jelq…there are many other forms of PE, such as manual stretching, constant traction devices, hanging, pumping etc - some of these actually have clinical evidence of them working. A simple Google search should find these papers. The same urologists that told me the 'bad news' about jelqing also admitted to me that modest length gains were likely possible with stretching, traction or hanging. We've had guys here present photographic evidence of much greater gains than 'modest', so keep your chin up, plan carefully and do your research.

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