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Vein question

Vein question

Hi all, had set a target to start PE tonight. Bought some Vaseline, had time set aside before bed etc, but I’m gonna start tomorrow instead cos I need a ruler for a precise measurement and picture before I start.

OK but my question is, I already have quite a large vein on my penis when erect, or partially erect. When reading the newbie routine, it said veins would appear, does that mean that the vein I mentioned will become bigger? I’ll try to include a pic in an edit. Thank you

Pre PE stats - NBPEL 6.5in / BPEL 7in / EG 6in

Generally speaking, PE should increase your vascularity. Jelqing will force blood toward the end of your dick, and expand your blood vessels. Some guys are just naturally more veiny than others. Where is this big vein located? I developed a couple of quite big ones on the sides of my penis. I’m guessing that your big vein could become bigger.

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Heres some pics of the vein. It starts at the base and goes about 3/4 of the way up. It’s not really visible in the pics cos for some reason the little guy didn’t like been on camera and shrunk instantly lol.. Guess Ill never be a pornstar =(
But anyway, you can kinda see it, it really bulges when 100% erect.

Links are here -

Pre PE stats - NBPEL 6.5in / BPEL 7in / EG 6in

jm1g - Your image links are broken.

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