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vaseline question!


vaseline question!

I use vaseline to jelq with but I have the hardest time trying to get it off my hands and penis. Does anyone know of a way to get vaseline off the skin easier than soap? Thanks

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I also use Vaseline for Jelq.I also have this problem .Some time I try submerge in the hot water .

Gasolin? :-) Just kidding.
I use toilet paper to rub off the worst. Don’t really care if I leave some on my penis. At least it won’t get dry.


Have you considered changing lubes? Baby oil cleans up easier then Vaseline and KY Jelly cleans up with warm water. If you use a water based lube like KY it’s best to have a bowl of warm water near by when you jelq to dip your finger tips into when the KY starts to dry out. This will keep the KY really slick.

unlucky, you can buy the equivalent Target or Walmart brand of KY Jelly for about half the price of KY.

I use olive oil, it wipes clean enough to not stain your underwear and is absorbed within an hour. Good for you too.

I have an adapted hair gel spritz (2oz?) that is squirted in my hand then all over j-junior. The rest is history.

I use Vaseline too and find the best thing is to wipe down with a cotton towel after my hot wrap, then use a detergent based bar of soap like Fairy and then continue to wash as normal. Leaves the skin nice and soft too :D

I also use Vaseline for jelqing & like ForMe, I just use my hot wrap towel to wipe down when finishing my session. I may give the olive oil a try since I pretty much have an endless supply of it being an olive grower. Thanks for the tip Jay!

Buy Dawn dish washing detergent. It gets rid of the greasiness and doesn’t leave your hands dry.

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I use vaseline mix w/cocoa butter. Usually absorbs by time im done and easier clean up.

btw, unlucky who is that in your avatar? she’s hot!

Cocoa butter works for me and smells nice too!

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I use vegetable oil. Cheap, readily available, cleans up easily. I use a mustard squeeze bottle to control the amount of oil. (I figured that mustard on the weiner was appropriate.)

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Try vitamin E cream. Works well and absorbs into your penis and is good for the skin. Very nice.

If you can get it. try White Vaseline, It washes off quite easily wth liquid soap. Detergent is not a good idea as it removes the natural oil of the skin

I also use olive oil. It works great.

I suppose vegatable oil would be about the same.

I use vasoline, as well. You need to clean it with something that cuts through grease. I use shampoo.

You could also try dish washer detergent—like Dawn. I haven’t tried that myself, and it sounds kind of harsh. You may want to use some moisturizer after washing.

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