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Varicocele and PE

Varicocele and PE

I have a varicocele of 2~3th level and I’am next to surgery about in the first of january.

I don’t feel any pain or something like that, I just notice it visually.

I’ve done searches about varicocele disease to get informations because it sound new to me and I don’t know nothing about it.

I’ve searched in this forum and I’ve found different thread about it. I read of people who had it and they have not any kind of problems with the strech and jelq pratice.

I understand that it works in a “different system” of the penis with his veins so the question is, can I re-start doing stretch and jelq without any problem? Can I re-start doing the exercise before the surgery?

Thank you.

No one know something about that?


I’ve had a varicocele since I was a kid. When I was a kid, to have one ball 6 times larger than the other ball was very embarrassing. Now, as an adult, the disparity between the two balls is not so great. It’s always been annoying, especially when I sit. In fact, I believe that it contributed to my small penis as when I sit, it forces the shaft of my penis to become “hidden,” inside my body, so you can just see the tip of the head protruding.

However, regarding PE, I don’t see what you mean about a “different system.” I’m not trying to deal with my balls or my varicocele. I’m attempting to increase the size of the shaft of my penis. The only thing that I can think that you mean is that I have a lot of “turkey neck” skin to hold back when I do the exercises. Other than that, I don’t think it is any different.

I’ve thought of having surgery for cosmetic purposes many times, but since it creates no pain, I have never felt that it was worth the risk. I wish you success on your surgery. Have you thought of posting before and after pictures?

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