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Variation of manual stretches

Variation of manual stretches

I was looking over the newbie routine, and all it stated was “5 minutes manual stretch (ten 30-second stretches).” What kind of manual stretches should I do? There are a panoply of them listed, but should I just do 3 kinds of stretches multiple times, or am I supposed to use a greater variation? Thanks in advance for the reply.

For me is straight down, out, left, right, up @30 secs, and 20 rotate each direction


Will the order of direction give different result?

I go right, left, up, down, out, btc, right, left, up, down, out, btc, rotary, reverse rotary, left, right, up, out

That’s 10 minutes right there. I also hold the rights longer than the lefts to help fix curvation. I also don’t finish with a down because I already have 2 downs, 2 btcs, and 2 rotaries to stretch down.

What exactly is the sensation that you feel during a stretch? Because for me it sure doesn’t feel like a regular leg stretch.. I can’t really feel that much tension -if at all- in my ligaments. I just feel like I’m pulling my penis.. And it’s somewhat abrasive as well. SOrry for these newb questions; I just don’t want to screw up so early in my pe routine.

Try grabbing, and pulling your hand all the way to your right leg. Now pull hard on your penis, to the right and down. Can you feel anything at the base of your penis when you do this?

If you feel something, those are the ligaments, and you want to stretch them but not hurt yourself.

I mainly do a routine that consists of manual stretches and I’ve found one stretch in particular that I really feel a good pull on the ligaments with. While standing I put one leg up on a chair, counter, or just something that will raise your leg enough to have around a 90 degree bend in your leg. Then you reach behind and through your legs and stretch almost like you were doing a btc stretch but off to the side a bit more (depending on which leg is raised).

I found that I had some very good fatigue after doing a couple of these stretches, and it also pulls at an angle that I feel is otherwise neglected.

I hope my description of the stretch made sense.

I also hold the stretches for around a minute. I don’t think it is recommended to hold it this long, but I feel the tension in the ligs a lot more afterward. I tend to hot wrap for a bit after a few stretches to keep a constant blood flow.

For better effect of stretching, when you pull, do 50 quick kegels.

If you don’t know what they are do a search, they intensify the stretch 100%.

Good luck.

Is a warm up necessary before just stretching? What about before just a set of kegals?

PE was always my favorite subject

Kegel’s aren’t meant to warm up. Better to warm up, if you can.

You dont need to warm up before you do kegels, if thats what you meant.

Do you make rests between the stretches?

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