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variation of jelqing time per stroke

variation of jelqing time per stroke

i am relatively new to PE. but there’s something i ought to point out. maybe DLD can give a scientific explanation behind the technique.

i jelqed using (roughly) 8 second strokes. instead of 3 second strokes. my penis gained 1/4 inch girth in just 3 weeks. the lower chamber of the penis has gotten MASSIVE. its weird because i can almost isolate it now. i am 6.2 BPEL so i was looking more for length. but girth is always good.

i performed only 50 jelqs, but each one was about 10 second long. and the penis was 60 - 70% erect. i have been jelqing for just a month so no length gains for now. 2 days on, 1 day off.

someone on the newbie forum had mentioned that if you “strectch” downward, then you also stretch the penis’s outflowing blood vessels. but shouldn’t this be mentioned when people hang weights on their penis? apparently, its not a side effect of weight hanging to achieve strong erections because the blood outflow vessels have been stretched.

good on ya for any gain!!

If you are looking for length primarily consider shortening your strokes to 2-4 seconds and reducing to 50-60% erection. consider adding some form of stretching.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

i’m following your newbie routine these days =)

i’m putting in the required time and effort, without expecting much in return in a short time. i’ll keep you posted!

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