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Variation From Newbie Routine

Variation From Newbie Routine

Thanks to everyone for being so helpful so far with these random questions I come up with. I was wondering what you guys thought of the following. It’s basically the newbie routine with one difference which is VERY mild clamping in place of jelqing. Basically I do the basic stretches and then I use a hair tie and use it to clamp. I am very aware that clamping is for experienced PEers and newbies shouldn’t be doing it. However the pressure is very mild and not close to the pressure of an actual cable clamp The one time I tried it for ten mins there was zero pain. I have no intention of upping the pressure for at least another 3 months and to me there seems to be very little risk with what I’m doing. So my questions were 1. Am I underestimating the risk and 2. If this routine will give me results (girth focused). Thanks.

Sounds pretty much like what you’re doing is similar to using a cock ring to retain engorgement. The consensus seems to be that the longer you can keep the engorgement, the better the gains. Read about Gprent’s brocolli band experiment. Sounds like the same principle. Some guys use a cock ring or even rubber o-rings from the hardware store. (Dirt cheap enough that you can buy a large assortment to make sure you get a size that works) Good luck.

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Is this principle valid for gaining either girth and length? I use one cockring made with tape and paper when I do sport as it tends to cringe when I do sport.

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