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Variant of BC excercise

Variant of BC excercise

Hi all!
It is my first post here, but I am not novice in PE :)

I would like ask you to try my variant of BC exercises, it is a very god way to find differences between BC and PC muscle.

Stretch your penis upwards and then contract BC muscle for 3 seconds. Try to contract and relax the muscle slowly - you will see that it is not very simple. You will feel every contractions of BC muscle very well because your penis would be going shorter :) . I think it is a good method to locate the BC muscle and to define what is the difference between BC and PC. It is also good technique to feel how to do Kegel’s exercises.

A great post about BC muscle (thanks you Westla): Locating the bc muscle

p.s. sorry for pour English

Welcome bogomips and thanks for reading my article. Your idea sounds like a good one for locating the BC and not the PC. Your English is fine.

I thought I was having a problem isolating my BC muscle from my PC muscle when kegeling and I started to do the same thing. Sort of combining manual stretching and kegels and reverse kegels, I seem to remember DLD had some ideas like that. I start with manual stretching and add kegels and reverse kegels, trying to slowly contract and release, about 10 seconds each, while maintaining the stretch. My hands get tired before anything else so I alternate hand each minute or two. I’m up to about 20 min at a session before something gets fatigued, either hands or BC. My BC feels stronger and I can contract and hold it about a minute or so. Now to keep increasing it’s tone and trying to contract at the point of inevitability, leading, I hope, to more predictable multiple orgasms. Good to hear someone else is on the same track.

It is good to hear the idea works fine. Now I am sure I will do this exercise as well as standard Kegel’s exercise. Kegel’s is more comfortable because it is possible to do it almost everywhere. :)

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