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Variant newbie

Variant newbie

I read on a post just below that if you stick to a variant of the newbie routine you get results..
Can I ask what is meant by a variant?

I posted a few times and then got into the newbie routine for nine weeks.I haven’t really had any gains.I do get a 1/2 gain straight after my PE workout when I masturbate.but next day it’s back to normal.

I’m hoping if someone has the time they could give me a routine more aimed at length gains as if you read my first posts a few months ago I really want to try and get some length.
Or even if someone could point me to a post that has proved to work for length gains I would appreciate it very much.


Can anyone help me out here?
.I’ve read that many post that I’m completely baffled,I’ve read newbie routine is too much.not enough etc.I’m just looking for a few pointers for length gains ..

Pretty please.

Hi tonygers,

The newbie routine is a guideline, it isn’t written in stone. Some fellas gain using it as written, some don’t. A variant means a variation, so instead of say 250 kegels(pulled the number out of the air) try 150 or 300; change the routine mildly.

If you will click on the button that says favorites in my signature line, there are some good threads to read, which might help clear up the confusion. Especially the one on positive/negative physiological indicators.

Happy reading!

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Woah.. A female moderator.. Pretty interesting..

Anyway, if you read the newbie post, you’ll see you’re supposed to slowly increase the time/ intensity of the routine—it’s really just a starting point.

If you plateau/ stop gaining, it may mean it’s time to change your routine to something more difficult.

Things like hanging—are perhaps easier to measure because you have a slightly more controlled environment.. You can slowly increase weight in a very controlled way—I would think if you were cautious you could keep the risk of injury from pretty low (especially if you use a safe device like the bib hanger)

I thought it was interesting that bib worked up to all day long hanging during his first 6 months..

Anyway, from my understanding/ forum trolling (I am new, but I’ve already read hundreds of pages) you’ll have to keep increasing the intensity of your PE to keep making new gains. I was checking out the hanging forums, and it looks like several people recommended hanging at least 15 hours a week to make good progress (slowly increasing weight / staying with whatever you’re comfortable with). It looks like hanging less than 10 hours a week does little or nothing.

Effectively, stretching manually is the same thing as hanging—it’s just less controlled in the sense that, you might not know the exact amount of weight/ pressure you’re applying with your hand/ vs. Hanging weights from a hanger—you can know exactly what amount of weight you’re applying.

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