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Hi guys,

Reading a bit about extenders I decided to buy one. Since there are a ton of different ones out there I narrowed it down to two possible candidates: the x4 labs or the VacExtender with a Jes-Extender.

Going through a bunch of threads on Thunders I believe the Vac to be a more comfortable device, but before purchasing one, can anyone with a bit of experience tell me how the gains (length and girth wise) have been for them?

Also, I am not planning on wearing it for a lot of hours per day, but more like two hours per day whenever I can scattered throughout the days of the week. Would this affect possible gains? Or would this simply mean that it would take more time overall to gain because it is simply a matter of total hours stretched (read somewhere that 1000 hours equals on average about an inch)?

Another question not related to extenders. Do you believe dry jelqing to be a good way to try to avoid a turkey neck? I am uncut and dry jelqing seems to work great, although I do get hard very easily so I have to stop and let my erection subside often.
With wet jelqs in my approach to try and avoid a more prominent turkey neck I hold the skin from my scrotum back and jelq with the other hand and then alternate hands on each stroke. However, I feel like sometimes not enough blood is gorged into the glans and therefore is possibly less effective than when I do not hold my skin back. But as I really dread the turkey neck, which I already somewhat have, I see no other option. Any thoughts on these matters?

I realize there are like 4 different questions in one thread, but hey, I’m here to learn how to gain proper :D !

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


I forgot to ask this in my previous post, but is dry jelqing with a 90% erect penis ill advised?
Would this concentrate more on girth and less on length, and that when you want to gain overall you have to tackle length first and then girth (because some say that it is harder to gain length when you first concentrate on girth?)


Anyone there??
For some reason I do not really get responses to my questions, last time it was also like this. I don’t really know why that is, guess perhaps they are pretty long or something.

Anyway, there must be some experienced members out there who can help me out here right!


I know, and did that already. However the questions I have I don’t see answered there that is why I posted this thread.

Also the jelqing questions, any advice on that part?


You are not getting any responses because there are too many questions involved and some not even related. Growth experiences have been discussed several times so this you can find on your own. Two hours a day a few times a week will be very ineffective. Two hours a day three or four days in a row could work, but do not expect more than 1/4” a year, if that much. You should consider an all day extender (ADS) which can be warn discretely under your pants and will keep your dick elongated while your cells repair themselves after an extending exercise.

I am not an avid jelquer, so perhaps an experienced jelqer will respond to that question.

Thanks, I’ll try to stick more to the point next time, but I just thought get everything out there at once would be better, but I get it.

I was actually already thinking about getting the XSleeve product as well and use that as an ADS. I have read somewhere that the ADS in itself will do hardly anything for growth, but is more used to wear after a workout (like you mentioned). Or in your experience will the ADS in itself actually generate gains?

And about the jelqing, can somebody comment on my approach, because I really don’t want to jelq away for nothing!

I think a manual based routine is the best option for you if you don’t have the time to wear the extendr everyday.

Your dry jelq question, it isn’t that clear to me. Dry - jelqs works better for uncut guys and cause less skin stretching, if this is what you are asking.

Yes, that is part of my question indeed. Less skin stretching is what I’m after in order to avoid a huge turkey neck.

But since I also want to wet jelq, I try and hold the skin from my scrotum back with one hand and jelq with the other (and alternate hands). This too to try and avoid the skin stretching, but what I was wondering was if this is a good approach at all since it seems that this way less blood is gorged into the glans. Or am I completely missing the boat here and holding the skin back would actually cause MORE skin stretching??

The thing about extenders is that there are scientific studies showing that they give permanent gains, and that is why I want to purchase one. With manual routines I have had zero luck in gaining so far unfortunately.
I’m going to have to try and put in more time in when I actually decide to buy the extender one way or another and stretch with the ADS like dtwarren advised.

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