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VacExtender "JES" routine

VacExtender "JES" routine

Hi Everybody

I’ve finally bought my Extender and I it’s going to take two weeks and I can’t wait for it. Does anyone have any routines?
Because I want to mix the noob routine with AD’s routine but I would like to know how long should I keep it on for and if any ones got any routine that I can go with. Similar to the noob/hanging routine where you add more every week.


Extender routine


My best advice is to take it slow. I’ve used an extender for about 4 months now, with decent results I may add. The first week was basically just for getting used to it, I tried and failed a couple of times before getting a good grip around the head. At first I couldn’t wear the extender for more than 30 minutes before it started to hurt and the head was all blue.

The first month, you shouldn’t overdue the tension. I have an extender with tension markers, and wasn’t over the 900 gr. Mark once. I wore it about 2 hours a day, 6 days a week the first month.

The second month I upped the tension to 1200 gr., wearing it about 3 hours a day, 6 days a week.

The third and 4th month I upped the tension to 1500 gr. (Max), still wearing it 3 hours a day, 6 days a week.

I should also add that I have an extender with a comfort strap. I made my own “padding” using a regular sponge that I’ve cut to about .5 ” that I roll around the base just short of the head before attaching the comfort strap.

Basically my advice would be to be careful, and try to find the right pressure to fasten your penis. For the first couple of months, also do not wear it for more than an hour before taking it off and get the circulation on again.

Good luck

I used the Extender for 6 weeks for about 3hrs a day and gained about 1/3 of an inch BPEL and my flaccid hang was a fair bit heavier too. The only reason I stopped is I got a bit careless in my use and resulted in getting a cold head that took a few months to fully heal. Like Perfectcurve I started off slow and upped the tension slowly, and yeah best stay on the conservative side.

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