VacExtender and AutoXleeve

I had been doing some jelqing and manual stretches over the summer but now I am back at school and have not had enough privacy to do them as often as I want to. This is why I want to buy the VacExtender, and AutoXleeve as well. I have read the reviews on this site and these seem like the best ADS devices. I was going to get the Penimaster but it seemed like to much strain on the head. My question regarding the VacExtender involves skin stretching. Since it looks like this device not only holds the head of the penis but also a bit of the shaft, will there be a lot of skin stretching as well. I’ve read about getting a turkey neck and don’t want this device to cause it. I could be wrong about this, so if anyone who has one or knows about them can answer that would be great. Also, any advice on this combo would be cool to. Thanks.