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Vacextender ADS Fluid Build Up Question

Vacextender ADS Fluid Build Up Question

I had a question when using the vacextender for ADS (, I’m noticing some fluid build up (or what I think is fluid build up ) on the head of the penis that is in side the vacuum, and that’s not really bothering me. What freaks me a bit is that right at the opening to the urethra and part of the frenulum that is under vacuum seems to be building up more fluid faster than any other part of the head. The result being when I remove the device for maybe 10-15min it looks almost like there very tiny labia at the opening to my urethra, and my frenulum is considerably more expanded as well.

I really like ADS and that I’m going to be able to reap benefits from it, but my concern is that the tissue of the frenulum and at the opening of the urethra will grow out of proportion to the rest of the penis / head. I Don’t think that these spots remain much larger after letting my penis rest out of the device for more than an hour but I just want to be sure that they won’t be permanently disproportionally enlarged.

I have a similar thing happen, as I’m sure many folks do, when I pump for extended periods of time. My frenulum always returns to normal, so I wouldn’t freak out… But a cardinal rule in PE is to follow your gut instinct. If you are afraid you might get hurt, or you sense that your body is giving a signal for you to stop, you know what to do…


Thanks Matutinal.
It wasn’t so much that I thought I was going to have an acute injury but rather that I just worried over time the tissues would distort and I could end up looking like I have tiny pussy lips at the end of my cock. God that’s a scary immage.

But it’s good to know those tissues are a just a bit more mailable and it’s not really something to worry about, though something I’m gona have to watch :P

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