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Quick question. I love the idea of the Vacads with the legstrap, waist strap, neck strap etc.. But whenever I dismount the silicone/cap, my tip is all swollen and deformed looking. I’m actually afraid to use it over the next year, two years, however long, due to the fear of PERMANENT DEFORMATION to my perfect looking glans. There is no blistering or pain WHATSOEVER, just SWOLLEN and mutated/deformed looking. Will this cause permanent deformation to the glans? .I’d rather have a shorter unit than an ugly unit.

I’m pretty sure I know exactly what you are talking about. It looks like 2 puffed up things right on either side of the openning of your urethra right? It happens to me sometimes, but only when I leave it on for too long. I don’t get pain every time it happens but just try to take it off earlier. I heard baby powder helps when wearing the silicone cup.

I am assuming you are discussing monkeybar’s device. I improved it somewhat just yesterday and may suggest it to monkeybar:

Closer to the top of the clear plastic, domed cap, I drilled through and added an air passing nipple to which I attach my pumpers (Auto brake bleeding), pump tube. I put a small tab of thicker cloth in the dome to distribute the vacuum over the majority of the internal surface. This surface will be totallyconformed to by your glans after raising the vacuum inside. So after your silicone sleeve is in place and your dick is in place, pump to about 15 hg and you can see your glans inside pressed to the entire surface. O course, your glans may have a larger volume than the dome, so, the dome shape should best be slightly smaller but the same general shape as your dick’s glans shape.

The result after trying this out was marvelous, ( I do not hang—just getting my equipment in shape so when my “all hands” routine fades and plateaus).. I hung for 10 minute @4 lbs. There was slight swelling but the glans shape was better than my normal shape and I believe that if the dome shape was more customized to me, the results would be marvelous.

Thanks for the replies. What I’m describing is.. After using the vacads by monkey for maybe an hour, once I remove the device, most of my tip 80% is swollen and deformed temporarily, for about a half an hour. I’m worried that after continuous swelling daily will eventually lead to a deformed glans. I refuse to use the device until I can get some insight. BTW, no pain or blistering, I’m strictly concerned with long term deformity. Any fairly experienced users with vacads, vacextender, vachangers have any input on long term glans effects?

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Use the anti liquid tape it will help hold the heal together so it won’t hurt but the swollen look makes your head bigger over time and that will happen with any vacuum item

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