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Vac Hanging medical question for anyone with medical experience

Vac Hanging medical question for anyone with medical experience

Hello everyone,

I use a vac cup and silicone sleeve. I hang 1.6kg (3.5lb) for as many hours as I can, daily (so far, about 3 - 5 hours)

Due to privacy constraints, I can only hang extensively at night. So my question is this - is it safe for the skin tissue to hang for 6 to 8 hours at a time while sleeping, without taking off the cup and silicone sleeve every few hours?

The suction created in the cup is minimal - I suck out the air manually through a tube, so I don’t think the vacuum pressure, plus light weight, impedes blood flow within the shaft.

But I do seem to have a slightly darker skin color where the silicone sits, (no loss in feeling, no pain and no blisters) and I was just wondering if those lengthy hours without direct access to oxygen negatively affect the skin tissue. Although, if there is no effect on blood flow, oxygen should adequately reach every part of the penis.

Any professional advice will be highly appreciated.

Many thanks,


Oh man. No no and no. You should NEVER under any circumstances do any type of PE while you sleep. You just can’t monitor what’s going on and you can very easily wake up with a broken dick, or even worse…

Kooljake is right. It is a good idea to take a break fairly often to make sure that everything is ok. Every half hour or so. The issue with vac hanging even at 3.5lbs is blisters. If your skin is not conditioned, or if you don’t attach the hanger perfectly, you can get blisters. Catch it early, and it will heal easily. Leave it on too long, and it could be a big problem and take sex off the table for a month or so.

There are all-day stretchers (ADS) on the market that are designed for longer session times. But even then you shouldn’t wear them at night.

A successful PE routine has 3 important elements. You need a way to get a good stretch that works for you. You need to be patient, so that you don’t apply too much force too quickly, toughening up your penis and making it more difficult to stretch in the future. And you need to take breaks to give your penis a chance to heal and recover.

Live long and prosper.

Thank you for the replies, much appreciated!

Just a follow up post.

I hung overnight about 4 or 5 times (two of which were my falling asleep and not hearing the timer).

For anyone reading this, I have to say, DO NOT vac hang overnight. After the replies to my initial question reiterated my concerns, I stopped hanging overnight altogether.

Since stopping, the severely darkened skin under where the sleeve rests has lightened dramatically. I do have some other effects on the skin area which were caused directly by overnight hanging. Some are looking better and I’m hoping all these will go away in time.

All the best guys, and may the inches be with you.

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