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Vac Extender

Vac Extender

Does anyone know how many inches the vac extender can stretch your penis too?

vacextender is not different from any other extender, except for the grip technique. The results depend on the amount of time you use the extender. I really don’t know the maximum possible gain, but I think an inch or two is possible if used for enough period of time.

My question is what is the maximum in inches your penis can be to gain because my penis is 8” and i want to make sure it can reach that long. I no that with other extenders you had to buy metal rods to make it longer, but with the ac extender it doesn’t look like you can.

Hey user13,

Only a slightly informed opinion here but I’ve read up a bunch on Monkeybars stuff before I purchased the modified vac extender headpiece to use with another brand extender.

It seems the old version and the current extender by Monkeybar both use threaded rod. The length of it, not sure. But the good thing is that you can buy threaded rod at the hardware store and cut it so size. Unlike the ridiculous pre measured rods that come with other extenders. So you can customize to whatever size you want.

Maybe that helps.

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