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Using this as a clamp

Using this as a clamp

I’ve been using a wrist band to do my clamps. I’m talking about those yellow lance armstrong bands that people wear. Do you guys know what I’m talking about ? I just “fold” it in half and it’s nice and tight on my penis. Seems to work pretty good. What do you guys think of it ?

8/17/06 NBPEL 5.25 " EG 4.9 "

Goal 12/31/06 NPBEL 6" EG 5.5"

Others have used various forms of elastic bands as cock rings, which is what you’re doing. Clamps, in the original sense, have a variable constriction which allows you to change it as you progress in your routine. It also allows for a quick release. Cock rings for “clamping” can constrict the outflow of blood, which is the point, but only to a certain degree and one that isn’t easily changed. Clamps at Home Depot cost about $2.00.

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