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Using Soap to Jelq in Shower


Using Soap to Jelq in Shower

Is using soap as a lubricant for jelqing ok? Also, is it better to let your penis rest after PE? As in, hands off from masturbating and sex.

I don’t see why soap couldn’t be used. Just don’t let it near your urethra when you’re erect or you’ll experience a burning sensation like no other(at least I do).

The “hands off” thing has been subject to much debate. Personally, I abstain from masturbation but not sex.

Sorry to disagree, But if you experience a burning sensation on tender skin then there is somethng in the soap that is damaging it.

Soap is not meant to be massaged into the skin as it might cause dermatitus, and your dick is much more tender than your face, hand, and general body.

I wouldn’t recommend soap.

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Looks like soap is out of my routine now.

Soap can cause other problems too. It can leach moisture from your skin as you strongly massage it into the tissues. Then, because drier tissues are less elastic, it can lead to chaffing and even to a toughening up of the dermal tissues which can hold back gains.

You want your skin and unit as supple and hydrated as possible and soap will eventually let you down on this count.

Wet jelq with some kind of water based lube is much better on the unit and olive oil or coconut oil super-primo if you can deal with the clean-up routine.

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Well I use soap and don’t receive any issues.

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Soap is a no no for me as well. It’s used to clean not lubricate.

I wouldn’t use soap to jelq ever!

Soap removes oils in the skin, and will make it less elastic. Even worse would be shampoo/shower gel which is more astringent. So I never do it.

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you have lots of excellent lubes available for jelqing. Why use soap? Don’t risk to get damaged and to have sore in the dick or skin.

My advice: use proper products for jelq. I use johnson’s baby gel. It works great, it smells very good and you will have a very soft skin after your jelqing session.


I used to use soap to jelq in the shower and had no problems with it. But I used a natural soap with olive oil in it (Bronners Soap w/ Chamomile and Olive Oil) so I had no probems with dry skin or urethritis. I now find it more effective to use warm using a rice sock, then use sunflower oil for jelq.

I wouldnt use soap while jelqing, you will be sore for days, it can really irritate the skin when you are using for jelqing.

What about Bio Oil?

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Don’t use soap!! It will hurt badly.

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Bio Oil isn’t that some kind of scar treatment product? I personally wouldn’t use it, I would just stick with vaseline, or lotion.

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