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Using Soap to Jelq in Shower


Don’t use soap, I’ve tried it, it irritates the skin horribly.

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As far as bath products not meant for lube, hair conditioner will work, but why not just get youself some olive oil, Vaseline, baby oil or baby oil gel, (my personal fave)? If you’re stuck in a situation where you have to do P.E. in the shower, conditioner will be the least irritating, aand that’s not a guarante that it won’t cause problems, it’s just always worked for me.

I use body wash that says no added soap. It acts like a lube for me, and don’t feel it dries out my skin. Also what about moisturizer, would that work?

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Soap dries the skin too much. Wouldn’t recommend it

I’ve found that a good, thick hair conditioner can be used. Something like Pantene Pro-V. I just started PE but realized that a good 5 minute stretch/jelq is kind of refreshing.

Don’t use moisturizer unless it is labelled for sensitive skin. It is fine for the shaft but stings like mad on the glans after a while…

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Unless you have a pain fetish, don’t ever use soap to jelq or anything similar.

Unless you somehow.. Just want a *really* clean penis..

On that note. Don’t ever sit in a bathtub with a cap full of Lysol in the water. My former Brother in Law did this after he was sprayed by a skunk if I remember correctly, and about 30 seconds into relaxing in the tub, he screamed the highest pitch scream he ever let out in his life. Also, his dick hurt for about a week or so afterwords. My sister had to take care of him and his pain stricken junk for a few days.. He really hates it when she told people about that :idiot: :furious:

So yeah.. Unless you want your dick to hurt damn bad for several days, don’t ever, ever, get soap in the urethra, unless there’s some special medical soap that real doctor uses on you.

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