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using power jelqu for 2 days now

using power jelqu for 2 days now

i have been using the power jelqu slowly and not to hard just nice pressure for 2 days now i workin on the 2 days on 1 day off just now nothing intence,my dick seems to be ,well its not sore just feels slightly briused thats the best way to describe it ,is this normal until i get used to pe ing?or haave i done something wrong my work out are as follows (i do all work outs in a hot bath so dont do hot wraps)get erection then let it soften slightly

streack with pj for 10 mins Pj for 10 mins 10 min rest then another pj for 15 mins i dont count how much reps but it takes about 2-3 second per stroke when rexal in hot bath agin for 10 15 mins i plan to do this monday tuesday-thursday-fri and have wes. sat and sunday as rest days does this sound ok ?the most important thing is ,is it normal for your dick to feel bruiesed its not sore but you know its been well worked out?thanks

I’m getting interested in that PJ device too - is the tension at all adjustable, or is the only way to control the squeeze by slightly gripping the handles? Do you get much real pulling action along with the squeeze? Is any mention made as to always using the rollers horizontally - or can/should you sometimes turn them vertical for a different workout?


hi mraverage the only way to control the squeeze is wih your grip but the squeeze you get with it is amazing and your hands got bet tired,put it this way is forces so much blood in to you that if you run your finger over your shaft or head to the time of a stroke you can feel the blood rush past is a very well made bit of equipment very sturdy.and yes you get a massive pull from it and a natural uli all in one have a look at the PJ site it answers alot of questions good luck!

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