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Using monkeybar's sleeve as ADS

Using monkeybar's sleeve as ADS

I recently purchased monkeybar’s Vacu-Hanger and I am particularly interested in the silicone sleeves he’s using. If you unroll one over the length of your penis, it’s keeps it in a elongated state. It doesn’t give you the stretch that an ADS does, but it keeps it from turtling up. It almost seems comfortable enough to wear during the night, b/c circulation/erections don’t seem to be a problem. When you get an erection, the silicone stretches nicely to accommodate the growth.

I’d really appreciate any input, in relation to this idea. ESPECIALLY IF YOUR FAMILIAR WITH THESE SILICONE SLEEVES. What do you think, could this be a SAFE way to keep the penis from turtling during the night? Could this be dangerous, or detrimental to penis health? Thanks for your time.


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That’s a very interesting idea, Bigcat. Wearing a penis-length silicone sleeve should be similar to a traction wrap — as you said, it keeps the penis from retracting, as long as your glans isn’t prone to getting “sucked into” the sleeve — and unlike most traction wraps, it should allow sufficient expansion room for spontaneous erections. I still would not consider using it at night, but you may be onto something for guys who are trying to teach their penises not to turtle during the day.

Silicone Magic

I’ve tried the constrictor sleeve and think there is a future for it besides what we are using it for now. I have been using a strip of silicone to wrap for hanging and stretching with devices. It’s wonderful because it sticks to itself. Unfortunately, my wraps have gone south. Do any of you know where I might purchase strips of silicone of various thicknesses?

They are wonderful for when you go out. If your wrap it just right, it keeps you from turtling and oft-times maintains a good erection. Surely other men here are doing the same thing. Where do you get your silicone?


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