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Using Compound W to remove discoloration

Using Compound W to remove discoloration

Hey I put it on 2 days ago and it looks darker than the other discoloration now and it doesnt look like it will scab up and fall off.I left half a dime worth over a half a dime worth of area on my penis, for around 5-6minutes it frosted and burned but nothing?? Half of a dime relating to Us currency of a dime .10 cents.

Sounds typical. It should start to peel in a couple more days. Don’t pick at it or otherwise rush it along.

See this thread. Here is a post showing what happened during the days following a burn.


Thanks for the advice man

Although I’ve never done a chemical peel anywhere on my body, I do know that hobby’s advice not to pick at it is crucial. The scabbing is meant to protect the new skin until it becomes strong enough to be exposed. Pick the scab off, and you’ll get a scar.

And that would totally defeat the purpose of the peel, now, wouldn’t it? You could try putting some regular-strength Neosporin on it or something.

Tu ne cede malis!

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Going on

Going on day 4 still no change hopefully within the next 24 hrs it will start to scab. Listening to guru hobby’s advice hahaha. If all goes well I will follow same process for larger portions, although it’s going to be tricky since I’m trying to get with this new girl thats digging me.and I also have to urge to PE arrrr, taking it easy for now though more updates to come.

I would also like to add a huge contribution to my discoloration is pumping with vascularity transdermal gel on it made me able to expand alot more but it really screwed me over. A word of caution stay away from any types of creams/transdermal shit while pumping.

Don’t expect it to scab as such, at least not like a scab over a cut.

At only 5-6 minutes I’m assuming your burn was fairly light. The darker burned area will peel or flake off, but may take a little more time than deeper burns.

My guy is darker than I would like. I don’t know if it’s from PE or not, or if it’s darker at all than it used to be. However, I would like to lighten it if possible. I guess the method you are using is going to work, but I was wondering if there is a safer or at least less scary way of going about it. Maybe like a cream I could apply daily. Thanks. =]

I didn’t have luck with any other method, but my discoloration was dark, long-lasting staining definitely from PE.

Peeling isn’t for everyone. Guys with darker skin tones probably shouldn’t peel at all, or at least realize they are at more risk of pigmentation problems from it.

Since you said yours was dark and long-lasting staining, do you think I may have some success with the creams since I’m not too dark and still new? Or is it just not worth it?

I doubt creams will do any good. In the pics I’ve seen natural shaft skin color varies quite a bit. If yours is naturally darker, just be happy with it. :)

What bothered me was the contrast between my normal skin color and the dark, almost black, PE-induced staining. It stood out.

Alrighty then. Thanks for the info =D

I’m more of an olive toned skin, the burn has started to scab and fall off it looks great in the parts that have fallen off I have not noticed a pink color like you other guys described. It’s more like my natural tone, I think it’s because it was a fairly light burn but it looks like it did the trick. So soon I will start doing larger sections. I’m usually good at not picking scabs, my brother picks at them really badly though, all about patience hahaha.

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Current: 8.00 x 6-6.25 Inches In Girth

Goal: 8.75 length x 6.75 girth Although at this point seems impossible with slowing gains.

I’m glad it’s working for you. After you’ve done more peeling please post your experience and results in the Shedding the Snake thread.

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