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Using an Extender


Using an Extender

Does anyone recommend using an extender like Maxxtender. I’ve used for about a month and just now started stretching and jelqing. Should I continue with the extender? Any Ideas?


Can’t hurt only help.

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Why is the Maxxtender bad?

I’ve had good success with the Eco-Extender which doesn’t use a noose but rather a 1” wide piece of formed silicone to grip the head. I’ve been using mine for about three weeks (purchased on EBAY - new) and as long as I wrap the head and add a bit of cushioning to the base of the extender, it’s actually pretty comfortable. I also break up the all day stretch with a before stretch and mid-day pump and an end of the day jelq session.

Im using a Jes, for about a month straight now. Cant see any improvements yet, but it will take a while using one of these however, my erections are harder and longer lasting. It is a noose extender but it comes with a protection sponge pad to place around your shaft when you stretch. Its up to you, I bought it though.

Thanks for (not -> 4) the info Jack. So no changes yet, huh? How often do wear it?

I figured out I was using it wrong. I found out that I wasn’t applying enough tension through the thumbscrews even though I was stretching. Now I got it down and oh man, I can feel the stretch. Actually I’ve gained a millimeter or two in length so far (EL), and I’ve gained a whopping 1/2 inch in Girth. Not sure if girth is from extender, but I do 300 wet jelqs a day as well.

What do you mean you weren’t putting enough tension? Were you not feeling any type of resistence from your penis or feeling of tension? I’ve had it for about a month now, and at first I could only place the screw on the first hole MAYBE the I can go to the 5th or 6th hole and wear it for about 2 hours with little to no discomfort.

I use Maxtender and I agree with Slack, that it might be quite dangerous. I use two surgical tubes and a cylindrical sponge around that terrible rope so that the penis head will not go cold. If you are going to use Maxtender, use it for low tensions over a long time.

I was feeling tension, but apparently it wasn’t enough to cause gains. The jes is different it has thumbscrews that push a piston up into a cylinder away from the body. There are only 3 threads. 900, 1200, and 1500 grams of tension. Im still doing 900 to see if I can keep gaining from this. It is said you shouldn’t move up in tension until you notice your gains have stopped on the present setting.

tension of the maxxtender must be gradual otherwise it will hurt after awhile your penis will be able to stretch futher. so if you have purchased it stretch it on the lowest notch your penis will become CONDITIONED and then you can increase. most people get it and try to stretch it to the max and wonders why it hurts, be patient. With the maxxtender give your self 3 months of the newbie routine or low tension long hours and then you can do high tension.

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I agree. Moreover doing it on high tension works somewhat against growth. Penis temporarily retracts back if you don’t do it properly.

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