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Using a penis stretcher while doing kegels?

Using a penis stretcher while doing kegels?

I bought an extender called the phallosan forte(you can see it here: The thing is really comfortable, and since I can wear it for such a long time I started doing kegels while wearing it. Now my inner penis is really sore. I’m talking really sore, like if I try to get a boner I feel a kind of dull stinging sensation. Is it safe to be doing kegels while my penis is extended / stretched out?

I should add I have done kegels while pumping before, and never had any discomfort.

More likely your BC muscle is exhausted than your inner penis is sore. I have kegaled while pumping a lot without problems, and have tried doing so when stretching. The stress seems to fall directly on the BC muscle while stretching (extending will be the same) whereas it doesn’t when pumping. Personally I would do your kegels at a different time, so the BC is contracting in the way it is designed to, rather than contracting against a pulling force, which it is not designed to do.

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I use an X4 with a VacExtender mod head piece. I usually remain in the extender for 45 minutes to an hour before I start to do my kegels. I find that the time in the extender tends to loosen things up such that when I start to kegel, I can increase the length by up to an additional 1/8 to 1/4 inch.

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I often kegel while in an extender and have not noticed any BC soreness yet. I also kegel while pumping

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