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Urinary tract infection & PE

Urinary tract infection & PE

I’ve just had a urinary tract infection (painful!) and am curious as to whether this is as a result of PE. I think I will ease off on the PE for a while regardless.

Could this be related in any way to jelqing or stretching? Perhaps my hands we’re not clean enough at one stage? I recall that the PE session I had the day before caused a lot of fluid retention in my foreskin. Perhaps this is related.

Hmmm, starch, that’s a good question. There are a lot of people on here and I’ve never heard this mentioned before, are you actively having sex with anyone or in say the past month??

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Yeah, sex with a long-time girlfriend. My concern was that the stretching had something to do with the inner tract. I think this is a little far-fetched though and it was probably related to sex.

You know…the male urinary tract is some 18” long. It is loaded with bacteria in even the most healthy of males.

Drink cranberry juice, lots, it’s an anti-oxidant. I think Pomegranate juice is the same only higher powered. Pomegranate juice is just really expensive and harder to find. I seem to have a proclivity to UT infections too so have included cranberry juice as my drink of choice. Pomegranate when I find it. Presto! no more infections. And yes, lots of water too.

You picked something up during sex or an infection you already had elsewhere migrated to your urethra. Get it treated (most of these are easy to cure with antibiotics); lay off PE until you are feeling well again - PE only irritates an already-irritated urethra; wash your hands well before you do your exercises. We touch countless things in the course of a day.



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