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URGENT!!!! Small purple spots on top of shaft

URGENT!!!! Small purple spots on top of shaft

Ok, I know little red dots are normal from mading overdoing it a little or with everyday wear and tear of jelqing, but I think I overdid it a little tonight. I was doing some wet jelqs and noticed when I left go that I had some purple type spots on top of my shaft. Not huge, but some are less then the size of a pea. Others are much smaller.

I know I overdid it, but is this normal for one who over did it and is it more or less just some broken blood vessels / slight brusing?


Purple sounds like burst capillaries. Those things heal rather quickly, but it may take a day or two for the blood in the tissues to be absorbed. Taking a couple days break won’t hurt.

actually guys, I think my PE career is over. I told my wife and showed her and she kinda freaked out. She doesn’t want me fucking my dick up or getting nerve damage (as busting blood vessels can do this). I am only 23, and I don’t really want to fuck up my sex life either.

Her opinion is that even if we have sex, I might risk inflating those purple spots as they are still there.

I fully understand this is probably normal from overdoing it and with less intensity, it probably won’t happen again, but I also respect her feelings and want our sex life to be normal. She doesn’t want to have sex until it clears up anyways.

I will continue to take Vitamin E and do some flaccid stretching. Maybe even light erect bends, but the jelq’s are out the window for now. Maybe in the future I will get back into it, but last night kinda freaked me out. There are like 6 purple small blotches on top of my shaft from overdoing it.

Thanks for the help though.

Look on the bright side: it’s nice having a woman who cares about you, isn’t it?

I nearly gave up PE when, during my second or third week, I started having erectile “difficulties” for the first time in my life (I’m 46). It would get hard, but it took a while and it didn’t want to stay hard. It scared the crap out of me, and like you, I swore off PE forever. My wife felt the same as yours. After a week or so off, everything had returned to normal, and, after discussing the situation with Mrs RBM, I started back up again with less intensity.

Take a week or two off, show your wife that you’re back to normal, and maybe the two of you will decide that it’ll be worth it if you just take it easy. Good luck!

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On the purple marks: When I was a young and stupid animalistic pe-er, I got them all the time, they always healed quickly. I’ve had “conehead” syndrome, jelq n doughnuts, etc, always healed pretty quick.

On telling your Wife: It’s cool you told her, but thats why I would never tell my W. When I got an injury recently that was obvious, I told her I got it stuck in my zipper. If she knew I was doing this, I know she would call the “Boys from Bellevue”.

cead mile failte :lep:


There is nothing to really worry about. Most of us here have probably have gotten these spots, especially when we first started. They will heal and I see it as a sign that I had an intense work out.. Over time, after your unit becomes conditioned from PE they will occur less frequently.

It’s up to you if you want to quit PE. But the only way to get a larger dick is to be diligent and persistent. You do have to be careful and listen to your body. But, you have all the information at Thunder’s to succeed without hurting your precious member. Mine has only become healthier. Though, I have had setbacks and learned from them.



You’re too worried about this. Take a break. The spots will heal and clear up in a few days.

Don’t listen to your wife. She’s just worried that you will have all the girls gawking at your package when it gets bigger :D


Observe... learn from other people's mistakes.

Japp, hahah :)

nah, thats not it, I can assure you. She really cares and doesn’t want Mr. Winky to be mr. sad the rest of my life, even though I know its “just a flesh wound ” :)

It will heal , I know. I made a promise to her I would stop PE, but I also know we were both in panic mode, so we will see. Nice thing is, I will be happy with my member even if I stop PE. I mean, 7.5 x 5” isn’t too much to be sad about, right:) ? Its shooting to fast that I am working on. I can last over an hour sometimes, but usually I last about 30 minutes. If she is on top, I can call it quits because it will be 3 minutes :)

Thanks for the words guys, keep em coming if you have stories yourself.

BTW - i know the culprit that caused the purple spots.

See, I am uncut, so when doing wet jelqing, I get my skin bunching up to the front of my dickhead. Well, sometimes, I will hold that position when I get to the end thinking I am stretching it. Instead, its only putting pressure on the foreskin. Well, I didn’t think about that. I already had an exhausing PE session the other night, so when I did this, my dick skin was probably already to tired. Well, anyways, I pulled back that skin and saw the spots. So its not exactly the mid shaft jelqing I was doing, but more of something I shouldn’t have been doing. Thoughts?

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